Professional 3D environments modelled to scale and rendered realistically.
Professional products modelled to scale and rendered realistically.
Imagination explored and presented in a unique manner.
Our Process

Phase 1: Assessment & Sketches

After receiving of all the necessary information on the project from the client, we start to analyze the particular project. Then we prepare a list of models & sketches that are required. In the next stage of our work we create all the required materials in 3D.

Phase 2: Modelling, Lighting, texturing & Test Renders

In this phase we explore then add appropriate materials and textures to the 3D models we’ve created, then we select the appropriate lighting for the project. Then we do some test renders to make sure the lighting chosen is correct.

Phase 3: Rendering

Once the client approves all the renders, concepts, frames and colours, it’s time to do a final render. The rendering time of these images depends on the level of complexity of the models/scenes & the required output resolution.

Phase 4: Post Production

The last phase of the project is post-production in an image editing program to improve colour, contrast, and add previously prepared elements if necessary before delivering the final result to the client.
Recent Projects
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